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BAD Exhibition Opening Nights

EXHIBITION OPENING NIGHT - Margaret McIntosh & Susie Choi

An opening night of two solo exhibitions will be held on Thursday 18th May as part of the BAD (Brisbane Art and Design) Northside activation weekend.

Margaret McIntosh is a Melbourne based artist whose work explores the narrative of the everyday. McIntosh likes being inside other people’s houses and having a look at their things. The allure of being privy to displays of prized belongings and glimpses into the settings of their daily lives. Her exhibition ‘Gravel Rash’ explores the effect that objects and place have on us. Across and between different landscapes we use particular associations to form connections.

Susie Choi is a Sydney-based contemporary artist who works across ceramics, sculpture and installation and is guided by ideas that confound and amuse her. The sources of inspiration for her work stem mainly from childhood including toys and playgrounds, the material culture of South Korea, and elements of Australian popular culture.

‘Island of Misfit Buoys is a place where colours are primary, and materials are confused,” says Choi. As someone born in Australia with limited proficiency in her heritage language, this work playfully considers the different places her family is from through visual and tactile means.

Thursday 18 May from 6 – 8pm.
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