Collection: Dylan Sarra

Dylan Sarra is a Taribelang/Gooreng Gooreng artist from the Central Queensland region and currently lives in Meanjin, Brisbane.

With a focus on exploring identity and place, Sarra uses a range of disciplines such as print, digital works and sculpture to gently persuade an audience into humanising the Indigenous experience.

Sarra's artistic journey is deeply entwined with the transformative power of Indigenous art and how it contributes to written language.

'Stories and places are connected in ways still yet to be discovered. I choose to listen to the knowledge etched in the stone of long ago'.

He is involved in the research and development of cultural knowledge and practice, that can be shared with the wider community from where these stories take place. It is Dylan’s aim that all people can not only be intrigued by indigenous culture, but they can also start to appreciate the role we all play in acknowledging First Nations people.