EXHIBITION: 'Artists of the North Country'

EXHIBITION: 'Artists of the North Country'

Arnhem Land is a vast, unspoiled wilderness area with deep ties to Aboriginal people. The area covers about 97,000 km and is in the north-eastern corner of the Northern Territory. It is around 500km from the capital of Darwin.

Arnhem Land is said to be the home of the oldest continuously living culture in the world, with a diversity of different languages, customs, and laws. There is a storytelling tradition which is more than 50,000 years old.

A substantial proportion of the population lives on small outstations or homelands and the area remains one of the largest parcels of Aboriginal-owned land in Australia.

The strong cultural heritage of this region is reflected in the quality and content of the Aboriginal art being produced today.

This exhibition showcases artworks from Arnhem Land i the Northern Territory and features bark paintings, hollow log memorial poles, works on paper and paintings. 

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