UPCOMING EXHIBITION - Matthew Cheyne - Mitchell Fine Art

EXHIBITION - Matthew Cheyne

6 - 24 June 2023


Matthew Cheyne is a Queensland artist, working in oil painting, drawing and sculpture. He graduated from the Queensland College of Art in 2001, having also studied film, and literature.

Matthew Cheyne's artwork is part oil painting, part hyper-colour drawing. Subjects as diverse as volcanoes, street hawkers and looters are rendered with the same dark humour. 

In his latest exhibition Matthew explores society's fixation with a form of idealised nature, minutely groomed lawns, glowing blue rectangular swimming pools.

'The park though is one step further from these domestic idealisations, with grass you can't even walk on and perfectly conical and circular trees', says Cheyne.

Matthew Cheyne has lived in Germany and France and has had solo exhibitions in Cologne, Berlin and Luxembourg.

In Australia, his work has been shown at Casula Powerhouse in Sydney and at the Australian National Archives in Canberra, as well as with numerous commercial and public galleries.

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