Margaret Loy Pula at Cowra Regional Gallery - Mitchell Fine Art Gallery

Margaret Loy Pula at Cowra Regional Gallery

Artwork by Margaret Loy Pula features in an exhibition celebrating contemporary female artists showing at Cowra Regional Gallery from 15 May - 19th June 2022.

'The Collection in Focus - Women Artists' exhibition showcases the works of prominent Australian women artists that have been collected by the Gallery through donations, gifts, purchases assisted by the Friends of the Gallery and winners of the Calleen Art Award

The exhibition highlights the artwork by Australian women artists and celebrates the breadth and diversity of their work.

Hailing from Utopia in Central Australia Margaret Loy Pula continues a legacy that dates back through millennia. Painting traditional stories handed down from her father she depicts her homelands, bush foods and ceremonial designs using a series of finely detailed dots.

Margaret Loy Pula paints her culture and her father’s dreaming. Her main story is 'Anatye' or Bush Potato dreaming. The painting portrays a plant that is an important food source to the Anmatyerre people of Central Australia. 

To view more of Margaret Loy Pula's artwork - click here

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