Steve Lopes - 2024 Salon de Refuses Finalist

Steve Lopes - 2024 Salon de Refuses Finalist

Congratulations to Steve Lopes on his selection as a finalist in the 2024 Salon des Refusés exhibition at the SH Ervin Gallery in Sydney.

The Salon des Refusés presents an 'alternative' selection of works entered in the Archibald & Wynne Prizes and is showing until 25th August 2024

Steve Lopes is a Sydney based painter and printmaker. He often works en plein air, painting vignettes of a place which are used as references for large-scale studio works.

Hesitant to elaborate on his own paintings and impose his own narrative, Steve Lopes invites the viewer to contemplate deeply and to draw their own conclusions to what they see.

Steve Lopes' works have been acquired in collections such as the National Art Gallery of Australia, Parliament House Art Collection, Canberra, BHP Billiton Art Collection and the Time Warner Collection in New York.

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