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Miriam Innes - 2022 Mandorla Art Award Finalist

Congratulations to Miriam Innes on her selection as a finalist in the 2022 Mandorla Art Award.

The Mandorla Art Award is Australia’s most significant Christian art prize. Held biennially, each award has a theme to which the artists must respond to, the theme for 2022 was: ‘Metamorphosis – a profound or radical change’.

Miriam Innes is an Irish artist best known for her charcoal drawings of hyper-realistic sprawling streetscapes. While the subject of her drawings is occupied by the metropolis, her choice of natural materials reflects upon her childhood spent in Ireland’s boglands.

Miriam Innes’ entry, a work on paper over 130cm long titled ‘22.16 Metres and Falling’ was created in response to the flooding across South-East Queensland in February 2022.

“A rise of ecological, man-made and natural disasters provoked a change. The murky water and sepia trees forged an ancient setting. Acknowledging the Gubbi Gubbi people, I acquainted myself with land mediums, entrusted in the transformation and scenes began to emerge.” - Miriam Innes

Winners will be announced Friday 20th May, and an exhibition of the selected finalists will show from 21 May - 10 June at Holmes à Court Gallery, West Perth.

Miriam’s artwork will be showing in the upcoming exhibition 'Monochrome' from 3rd – 28th May 2022.

To view more of Miriam's artworks - click here.

To enquire please email admin@mitchellfineartgallery.com or ph 07 3254 2297.

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