Collection: Miriam Innes

Miriam Innes is an Irish artist now living in Gympie, best known for her charcoal drawings of hyper-realistic sprawling streetscapes. While the subject of her drawings are occupied by the metropolis, her choice of natural materials reflects upon her childhood spent in Ireland’s boglands.

Oscillating between two worlds - the natural and built environment - Miriam Innes likens the organic qualities of her medium, charcoal, to the 'bog oak' found close to her home. Its simplicity, Innes asserts, renders it overlooked and understated, a notion echoed in her choice of mono-tone palette, yet her cityscapes are rich in their complexity. 

Working in grayscale tones, Miriam Innes takes out the noise and visual assaults of the city, focusing instead on linear details - the crisp lines of the pavement, the geometry of windows in sequence and of fire escape ladders zig-zagging across a façade.

Leaving her Irish homelands, Miriam Innes moved between cities in Asia, America, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia, impacted by her travels and the eclectic environments she lived in.

Miriam's work seeks to faithfully capture the status of the city while offering a sense of intimacy and individual expression beyond the traditional bounds of hyperrealism. 

Innes invites viewers into her artworks as she intends them to ‘experience’ the work rather than passively observing.