Collection: Bernard Ollis 'Different Worlds'

Bernard Ollis is a figurative painter with an almost abstract leaning in all of his works and a perspective that invites the viewer in. Lamp posts, buildings and random objects warp and bend in a dream-like state. His paintings are drawn from every day scenes involving people and places, and his oeuvre could be described as whimsical but his works are always carefully considered.

Many of the works displayed in Le Gallerie are from a series called ‘The Artist’s Garden’ and are a reflection of memories from his overseas travels to famous artists gardens as well as his own. Other artworks on display are of environments in Brisbane and Paris, providing a link between the beauty of landscapes between both cities.

“These artworks celebrate travels and experiences in familiar and new locations. They are not picture postcards, or the social media equivalent, but personal and original interpretations of special environments.”

Bernard Ollis has a close connection to Paris, splitting his time between Sydney and his apartment in Montmartre. With a career spanning 50 years, Ollis is the former Director of the National Art School and has had a constant stream of successful solo exhibitions.

In June 2023, Bernard was awarded an Order of Australia (OAM) for his service to the visual arts, and to education.