Collection: Charlotte Le Brocque

Charlotte Le Brocque is a Sydney based artist, known particularly for her humorous and expressive ceramic sculptures of animals.

“The world can be a very serious place at times and we all have our own worries and anxieties. I like to make work that is humorous and light-hearted. This is my way of dealing with certain worries and fears that can make me feel sad sometimes. But my work is not just about me. I can’t say I know what other people feel, but seeing smiles on people’s faces when they see my work always makes me feel happy.”

Charlotte remembers setting her sight on being an artist from age 6, her parents supporting her decision. Her grandmother was a self-taught artist of imaginary landscapes. At high school Charlotte was encouraged to paint by her art teacher, who also suggested she apply to study at the National Art School in Darlinghurst.

It was during her time at The National Art School that Charlotte developed an interest in ceramic, her technique simple and unassuming. Since graduating in 2013, her work has received much attention.

Charlotte was the recipient of the Sabbia Gallery Exhibition Prize and has exhibited in various group and solo shows.