Collection: 'Love and Other Catastrophes' | FRANCK GOHIER

14 May - 1 June 2024

Franck Gohier's artwork is steeped in his political and social consciousness. Satirical, politically and socially motivated his artwork is a reflection of society and its faults, frailties and triumphs. 

"My lens on the world has been shaped by time and experiences. I confront the complexities of the human condition by appropriating culturally loaded vintage comics from the 1950s -1970s in order to peel back the layers of nostalgia and examine whether the issues that plagued society then still persist today.

In my recent series, "Love and Other Catastrophes," I delve into the cliche narratives of romance prevalent in the comics of yesteryears. By bringing them into the contemporary context, I provoke reflection on whether society has truly progressed or merely shifted its facade.

Through the optics of realism rather than idealism, I dissect the cultural norms and stereotypes embedded in these vintage images. Each painting serves as a mirror to our collective past, inviting viewers to question how much has truly changed in our attitudes towards culture, romance, conflict and gender dynamics.

I aim to acknowledge the persistent struggles that define the human experience across generations".

Gohier's artworks have been acquired by Artbank, the Australian National Gallery Canberra, the Casula Powerhouse Art Centre, Gold Coast Art Gallery, Griffith University, the Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney.