Collection: 'Landscapes' Group Exhibition

Landscape painting is a genre of art that depicts views and the natural scenery. Landscapes transport the viewer to another place or vista for the appreciation of nature for its own sake.

Throughout history the genre of landscape painting has been the practice of artists from different perspectives and cultural backgrounds. The Western art tradition has observed natural scenery for centuries. Artists have explored all of nature’s offerings and much more. It isn’t just vast skylines, water ways, mountain ranges and arid deserts being depicted anymore as artists begin exploring the urban sprawl and the modern landscape.

In contrast, many contemporary Aboriginal paintings from Central Australia explore an ancient connection to the landscape. Viewed from a topographical perspective, these paintings map various sites of cultural significance, traditional life and sustenance. Depicting ceremonial practice to food sources, these paintings are filled with various symbols passed down through generations.

With an eclectic mix of natural scenery, urban landscapes and topographical maps, this exhibition showcases the diversity of the Australian landscape and the way different artists portray the landscape through painting.

‘Landscapes’ is showing at the Sofitel Brisbane Central in Turbot St, Brisbane until March 2019.

Artists featured in the exhibition include Abie Loy Kemarre, Alice NampitjinpaBernard Ollis, Eunice Napanangka Jack, Jeff Makin and Stewart MacFarlane