Collection: Max Bowden

Max Bowden is a Darwin based artist whose plein-air paintings capture the dramatic atmosphere and moods of Australia’s tropical climates, giving the viewer a real sense of nature’s power in northern Australia.

The economical simplicity and subtly of Max Bowden’s paintings belie many years of sitting in nature and trying to distil its essence. In a world that is sometimes difficult to understand, Max loves being still and watching nature, to help her enter, explore, and play with natural references in the hope of untangling human idiosyncrasies in her life.

The landscapes of Max Bowden’s are ‘person-less’ portraits. She uses motifs such as piers, houses, weather and cars to hint at the funny ways in which we live, struggle and strive. Max paints quickly, sacrificing detail for feeling, in the hope of being able to share an experience.

Born in Beaumaris Melbourne, Max went on to study visual arts at the Adelaide Central School of Art, receiving their first ever awarded scholarship. She has a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Charles Darwin University and a Post Graduate Degree in Psychology.


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