Collection: 'Silent Nature' | Min Woo Bang

2 - 20 July 2024

Min-Woo Bang’s cloudscape paintings are both ethereal and mesmerising. Struck with the charm of the Australian landscape and the absolute enormity of our skies Min-Woo Bang’s primary subject matter is the allure of our natural surroundings and the ephemeral beauty of our skies. 

"I am interested in capturing nature's transitional moods in breathtaking Australian landscapes, engaging my senses with the emotional and aesthetic qualities of the land and sky that echo human moods. A dramatic interplay between light and dark directing the focus to gigantic moving clouds or gusts of wind as sky and land create worldly energies.

With the idea of passing time and memory through nature, the physical elements and forces of nature are interdependent in an atmospheric landscape and the experience of nature’s transformation is balanced by a deep, physical connection to place”. Min-Woo Bang.

Min-Woo Bang has been a finalist in several awards including The Wynne Prize, the NSW Parliament Plein Air painting prize, the Tattersall's Art Prize, Gold Coast Art Prize, Sunshine Coast Art Prize.

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