Collection: 'Ngukurr - Artists of the Rock Country' | Aboriginal Art Exhibition

31 May – 18 June 2022

'Ngukurr - Artist's of the Rock Country' is an exhibition of vibrant, colourful paintings by some of the foremost Aboriginal artists from the remote Northern Territory community of Ngukurr.

Bursting onto the national art scene in 1987, their artwork was considered some of the most innovative and groundbreaking work to be produced in the history of Aboriginal art. The antithesis of what was thought to be traditional art, these enigmatic bold paintings garnered immediate attention.

With its use of strong colours and the exceptionally individualized compositions, the art of the Roper River region is known for its dynamic approach to Aboriginal art practice. The exceedingly contemporary depictions of country, flora, fauna, and iconography is nonetheless very much embedded in culture, lore, and tradition.

The artists in this exhibition were the leaders in the development of a style of art for which this area has received international acclaim and recognition. Artists featured include Angelina George, Barney Ellaga and Gertie Huddleston, all of whom are now deceased.