Collection: 'Still & Still Moving' | Steve Lopes

Influenced by his extensive travels over the past three decades, Sydney artist Steve Lopes presents an exhibition 3 years in the making.

The son of migrant parents, Steve Lopes’ upbringing was a clash of two worlds. This cultural dichotomy and the resultant heightened awareness of diversity influences his work to this day.

Lopes’ new exhibition ‘Still and Still Moving’ has been completed after decades of observation and contemplation. These paintings are born from his interactions and encounters with people and places in the far-reaching margins of Australia.

Steve Lopes works are ambiguous and evocative, trying to capture the sense of place and the often strange and exotic figures that inhabit them. His comprehensive and continuing travels have left an indelible mark on him.

‘I am inspired by stories of discovery, new and old histories and the ideas that develop from the melting pot of disparate peoples’, says Steve Lopes.

More recently, his travels to the Top End in the Northern Territory have inspired many of the artworks in this series. The larger than life characters, architecture, and attitude that he found in suburban backstreets and quirky marketplaces were a paradox coming from suburban Sydney.

Three years of pushing his own boundaries has resulted in a collection of artworks that is expressive, reminiscent, and questioning of who we are and how we have come to be.


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