Collection: Susie Choi Exhibition 2024

15 August - 31 August

Susie Choi is an Australian-born artist who lives and works in Sydney. Her art practice, which spans ceramics, sculpture, and installation, is guided by ideas that confound and amuse her.

The sources of inspiration for her work stem mainly from childhood including toys and playgrounds, the material culture of South Korea, and elements of Australian popular culture.

Choi creates material expressions of childhood memories that seem to hover between the dream world and a hyperreality. Her work combines colours and patterns from her South Korean heritage with personal experiences of growing up as second-generation Australian.

Susie Choi juxtaposes traditional ceramic forms and geometries with media representations of Australian identity. Toying with appearances and materiality, she explores challenges around otherness and intersectionality.

Extending upon her background in linguistics, Choi works in a space where visual and linguistic metaphors collide.

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