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Adam Cullen

Adam Cullen Art Book

Adam Cullen Art Book

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High Gloss Hardcover
Satin Finish Pages 
93 pages, 25 x 25cm

ISBN - 9780987129505
published September 2011

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Adam Cullen is undoubtedly one of the most fearless artists that Australia has produced. His willingness to tackle and paint less than savoury subjects have polarised his critics alike.

Adam Cullen has raised eyebrows from early on, first gaining notoriety at art school for chaining a rotting pigs head to his ankle and dragging it around until it finally disintegrated.  

In 2000 he won the prestigious Archibald Prize for his portrait of Actor David Wenham and in 2002 represented Australia at the 25th Biennale de Sao Paulo, Iconografias Metropolitans.

His list of prizes and accolades are numerous, in November 2009 he was honoured with the opening of ‘The Cullen Hotel’ in Melbourne.

The artworks featured in this book were produced for an exhibition held at Muk Muk Fine Art in Alice Springs and Darwin in 2011.

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