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Daisy Jugadai Napaltjarri

Mereenie Ridge A11268

Mereenie Ridge A11268

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Daisy Jugadai Napaltjarri’s paintings depict her homelands and the wildflowers and bush tucker that grow in the area at Haasts Bluff in Central Australia

The Mereenie Ridge sweeps around Daisy’s country, west of Alice Springs. Daisy paintings portray the landscape and flora as seen through her eyes. Growing in the area is a myriad of vegetation and bush food available for eating. Daisy has depicted trees like the Desert Oak, Quandong and gum trees. Shrubs such as the honey grevillea which are yellow and orange, native passionfruit, bush onion, bush tobacco and bush flowers.

Size: 90 x 120cm
acrylic on linen

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