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Lily Kelly Napangardi

Tali (Sandhills) A15390

Tali (Sandhills) A15390

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Size: 200 x 200cm
acrylic on linen

This painting shows Lily’s depiction of ‘Tali’ or Sandhills located near her homelands of Kunantjarra, north west of Nyirrpi approx 400km west of Alice Springs in Central Australia.

The finely detailed dots show the impact of the rain and the wind as it moves across the countryside. The run-off from the rains makes a pattern of lines and furrows down the surface of the sandhills.

Lily’s works often note the seasonal changes in this sandy landscape, and more importantly the waterholes found in the rocks in the area. This story was passed to her by her father and the Sandhills (Tali) are a site of significance for the artist and her family.

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