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Paddy Fordham

Mimi Spirit A785

Mimi Spirit A785

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Year: 2001

Size: 84 x 61cm
acrylic on canvas

Mimi are reclusive, shy spirits that inhabit the rocky escarpment country around Gunbulunya in Western Arnhem land. They hide in the rocks during the daylight hours and only emerge at night, travelling under the cloak of darkness.

The only people to see them are Marrkidjbu, the medicine men of the Kunwinjku people. The Mimi impart knowledge to the Marrkidjbu who in turn pass on this information to the Kunwinjku. This is how humans gained all knowledge, including dancing, safe foods to eat, art, language, ceremony, history – all aspects of life were passed on from the Mimis.

Mimis are generally friendly, only becoming angry when a wrong is done to the innocent and the defenceless.

Here the artist has depicted a single male Mimi.

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