Collection: 'Tali' | Lily Kelly Napangardi

Mitchell Fine Art in Fortitude Valley presents an exhibition of paintings portraying striking cultural interpretations of the Australian desert landscape.

Lily Kelly Napangardi is an Aboriginal artist born c1948, in the remote Central Australian desert. She is a senior law woman and a custodian over the women’s dreaming stories and sites of her traditional homelands and has been named as one of Australia’ s 50 most collectable artists.

‘Tali’ translates to ‘Sandhill’ or ‘Country’ and the relationship with the landscape holds a place of significance for Aboriginal people. Lily Kelly Napangardi’s visual narrative evokes the ephemeral nature of the ever-changing desert sands, moved by the winds and rains in this harsh interior landscape.

Within Aboriginal society it is critical for its people to maintain their connection to country ensuring the ongoing health of culture and tradition.  Art has become a considerable platform to continue this relationship.

It is a visual dialogue that continues to be utilised as artists interpret country and visually narrate their explanations of land and its importance to them.

The works in this exhibition are a striking interpretation of the Australian landscape, each demonstrating the cultural importance of country to the artist and her family.