Collection: 'Monochrome' | Aboriginal and Contemporary Art Exhibition

'Monochrome' is a group exhibition of Contemporary and Aboriginal artworks highlighting the classic palette of black and white.

Showcasing visually striking monochromatic themed paintings, drawings and artefacts, the exhibition celebrates artworks where the spectrum of colour is reduced to a minimum.

Aboriginal artists featured, such as Lily Kelly Napangardi and Kay Rubuntja Napurrula, have seldom deviated from a monochromatic palette in their artistic practice. In contrast, a focal point of the exhibition is a painting by Angelina Ngale from the Utopia region in Central Australia, who has rarely restricted her use of colour in such a way.

The exhibition features an exciting mix of Gallery represented artists including Carlos Barrios, David HayesKim Wilson, Jeff Makin, Min-Woo Bang, Margaret Loy Pula, Mirra Whale, Peter Hudson, Matthew Cheyne and Steve Lopes.

From intricate detail to bold expression, by removing colour, the artworks featured in this exhibit challenge both the artist and the viewer to explore the composition, subject matter, and technique more intently.