Collection: 'Through My Eyes' Group Exhibition

7 November – 9 December 2023

Opening Event: Saturday 11th November, 2.30pm

Mitchell Fine Art’s final exhibition for 2023 is a group exhibition showcasing contemporary and first nations artworks by Gallery represented and stockroom artists and features works from invited artists.

‘Through My Eyes’ is an exhibition of works that portray the artists idea of place through their own lens.

It may be a country landscape, scenes from their childhood, reminiscing on food, family and familiar places or just a feeling that depicts what it is that informs their life and their lived experiences.

A derelict house, an exquisite cloudscape or the left-over debris from a meal - the small and intimate or large and universal things that make their personal experience specific to them.

 Through the eyes of the artists, we experience many different places, people and times.

Artists featured include Ann Thomson, Carlos Barrios, David Hayes, Dylan Sarra, Franck Gohier, Idris Murphy, Kim Wilson, Matthew Cheyne, Mirra Whale, Min Woo Bang and Peter Hudson.