Collection: 'RESILIENCE' | David Hayes

14 May - 1 June 2024

OPENING EVENT: Saturday 18 May, 2 - 4pm
ARTIST TALK: Saturday 1 June, from 11am

Brisbane artist David Hayes presents his fourth solo exhibition at Mitchell Fine Art in Brisbane from 14th May 2024.

In his new exhibition Hayes explores the resilience of the human spirit in response to trauma with the paintings drawing heavily on objects as metaphors.

‘The story is mine, but always I seek to find common ground with the viewer’ says Hayes.

Artworks with a glossy veneer and bright palette provide the viewer with an initial sense of familiarity and fun, whilst shielding the deeper narrative of the subject matter.

‘I’ve become interested and inspired by the events of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and was particularly interested in the response to the trauma and the resilience of the human spirit displayed by the nation and by individuals’.

Hayes artwork is rooted in popular culture stylistically but explores the changing global scene. Through his paintings he examines the relationship between the global and the personal – strength and vulnerability, and how they are linked.

His artistic influences include the traditional figures of pop art, yet he continues to evolve his style with influences of current artists.