Collection: Kathleen Ngale

Kathleen Ngale lived in the community of Utopia, located 240km north east of Alice Springs in Central Australia.

Like many of the other women from the area Kathleen began her artistic career in the late 1970’s when the Batik-making project was introduced to the women in Utopia.  Her batik work is featured in the book and collection - 'Utopia A Picture Story'.

When the acrylics on canvas movement swept Utopia in the late 1980s, Kathleen like the other women swiftly changed mediums. Kathleen's popularity as an artist grew for her colour infused paintings - Anwekety or 'Bush Plum' dreaming, her portrayal of small berries that are an important bush food for her people.

Kathleen Ngale's artwork has been exhibited around the globe and her works feature in many exhibitions that showcase the small community of Utopia.

Sadly, Kathleen passed away in 2021.